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Welcome to markhamill a community dedicated to the lovely and underrated actor, Mark Hamill.

This is a community, a place to discuss Mr Hamill in his films, TV and theatre roles, what he is doing at the moment and basically a place for us to adore him. Although I don’t mind pictures being posted up, this is not an image journal but one to be used for discussion purposes. If you are interested in a Mark Hamill community dedicated to posting pictures, go here to our sister community mark_images,

If you do post up pictures, please regard the rules:

Please don't link to images on other sites - this creates bandwidth problems. It would be good if you could store them on your own site, and link to the Journal from there. There are quite a few sites out there where you can store images - check it out on Google or one of the other search engines.

If you are putting up nude pictures, large pictures or more than one, PLEASE PUT UNDER A LJ CUT TAG. Ignorance is not an excuse!

I would prefer if you didn't display images from sites that have specifically requested that people not take and display their pics elsewhere - it can promote bad feeling and we're here for fun, not flames. If you are at all unsure, I'd rather you post another free image and along with that put in a link to the site and suggest that people take a look.

If in doubt, ask – this is for fun!

Blessed Be!


The banner for this group was created by the lovely anukk