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The first LJ community for Mark Hamill fans' Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
The first LJ community for Mark Hamill fans

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Help! [29 Aug 2008|09:53pm]

[ mood | optimistic ]

Anyone know where to find Mark's old TV work?  Pre-Star Wars? ANY of it?

Or is it hopeless and I might as well not bother?

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Mark Hamill at Comicon [22 Aug 2008|09:34pm]

[ mood | amused ]


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Where is it!!!!!????? [31 May 2008|10:45pm]

Ah! I remember finding this picture/newspaper clipping (I think?) from the 70s, back when Mark was all into biking everywhere, and it said something about his bicycle safety rules and had a picture of him on his road bike. (I thought it was funny, because he's not wearing a helmet, and it doesn't say anything in the rules about how you should wear one :) ) I can't remember what site I found it on, though--does anyone know where it lives?
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New Charity Auction Lunch with Mark Hamill! [07 Nov 2007|11:22pm]

[ mood | happy ]

 Oh, I wish I could bid on this charity auction!  Someone is going to have a lot of fun with Mark. 


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Audio: Mark Hamill on BBC radio [15 Jul 2007|11:46pm]

I ripped an mp3 of the audio interview linked here by celosia.

Download it here!

ETA: Here's audio from Mark's GMTV interview. Link in comments.
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New Mark Hamill Interview! [13 Jul 2007|07:20pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Hey Mark fans!  

theforce.net has posted a link to a recent interview Mark did with BBC radio.  

There is a time limit on the broadcast, so listen to it asap.  I am trying to find a way to save a copy of this broadcast. So far, I have not been successful. If anyone else finds a way to save this, could I please have a copy.  


Here is the Mark Hamill Interview:

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Star Wars Robot Chicken [17 Jun 2007|10:46pm]

Tonight I just had the pleasure(?) of viewing the parody of "Star Wars" Robot Chicken. For those of you who don't know, this is a show which involves stop-motion animation and jabs at pop culture. It's also mostly for "mature" audiences, since a majority of the content is, uhm, a little profane and/or extreme for the young.

But that out of the way, I should mention that while this 30-minute special seemed too skimpy, I still had a blast watching it. The parodies, which involve Jar Jar Binks being thrown out of a starship by Vader, Palpatine's monologue to Luke interrupted by construction workers, George Bush having a lightsaber duel with Abraham Lincoln (no really), and a groanworthy (or funny) "Empire" on Ice parody, where the characters sing goofy lyrics to the familiar themes of George Lucas.

Of course, the real reason why I was compelled to see it was because two actors are among the cast, both of whom I've seen perform in Studio Ghibli English versions--James Van Der Beek and yes, Luke Skywalker himself, Mark Hamill. There're other cast members, too, including Ahmed Best, Breckin Meyer, Malcolm McDowell, and lots more... including a cameo by George Lucas. All do terrific jobs, although I had a hard time identifying which actor was which. (Meyer did mention that he did the voice of Boba Fett, though.)

As for who Hamill played (and, later on, I'll mention Van der Beek), I'm guessing he did Luke Skywalker, and probably Emperor Palpatine, because the latter showed traces of the Joker voice (I figured this because I had seen a brief bumper involving the Joker, and the voice really struck with me). Either way, it was great to hear him again; Hamill's roots with "Star Wars" are unmistakable, but it is within his vocal acting where he really shines.

Where Van Der Beek is concerned (since I had heard him, along with Hamill in "Castle in the Sky"), I'm guessing he did the geeky fanboy for George Lucas. As I said, though, I liked all the performers, and I couldn't think of one who I disliked. (Even though there is the cool coincidence of hearing Dawson and Luke Skywalker in the same production a second time, it's hard to tell in this show.) I almost feel like taking out my LAPUTA DVD and playing through the dub again. (Yes, I'm a sucker for this movie, can ya blame me?) :D

Seriously, though, if you're a fan of "Star Wars" or any of these actors in particular, give this a spin, it's 30 minutes of silly fun.
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Luke Skywalker and Dawson Do Voices (Again!)---This Time in Robot Chicken [31 May 2007|12:15am]

[ mood | amused ]

Yep, you've read the highlight correctly!

On June 15th, there will be an episode of Adult Swim's "Robot Chicken", which will be a parody of "Star Wars."

And yes, Luke Skywalker himself, Mark Hamill, will be performing on the episode!

He'll also be joined by a certain James Van Der Beek, whose previous voice acting role was young hero Pazu in Hayao Miyazaki's "Castle in the Sky" (it also happens to be the first time Skywalker and Dawson were in the same film together--here Hamill turned in a deliciously devious performance as villainous Muska [insert jokes here about Luke going to the Dark Side here]). Although Van Der Beek's role of Pazu wasn't the strongest of the dub, his performance gets more flak than it deserves; despite sounding ten years older than his character should have, he still managed to bring consistent enthusiasm and energy to the role. It'll be interesting to see what he'll play on this episode.

Predictably, I expect Hamill to reprise his role of Luke.

The episode will be broadcast on Adult Swim on June 15th, 8 PM. So keep your eyes open!

-Jon T.

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[26 May 2007|11:27pm]

Today's post is a tribute to a marvelous actor. He became famous for his role of the protagonist in George Lucas's "Star Wars Trilogy." Later, he found a niche in voice acting, particularly through his role as the Joker in the "Batman" animated series. Now, he can be heard in several Anime dubs, two of which are classics by Japan's auteur, Hayao Miyazaki.

This actor's name is Mark Hamill, a man of multiple talents whose work in film and animation made him a cult icon.

Like many, I was introduced to Hamill by way of "Star Wars," when he played a certain Tatooine farmboy turned Jedi Knight named Luke Skywalker. Most people say that Hamill doesn't fare as well, acting-wise on camera, but "Star Wars" catapulted him into stardom. Actually, the reason we become so compelled with Luke's coming-of-age journey is because of Hamill's performance. From "A New Hope" (technically the first film, but Lucas wants it to be considered the fourth) to "Return of the Jedi" Hamill displays growth from rashness and overeagerness to wisdom and maturity. His chemistry with Harrison Ford (Han Solo) and Carrie Fisher (Princess Leia) is also a selling point of his performance. Equally compelling are his scenes with Yoda. While I don't hate the "Star Wars" prequels by any means, I did notice some cases where the live actors were staring through the CGI-created characters. The problem does not apply with these three movies, partially because Yoda graces the screen with gusto, but also that Hamill interacts with the little green imp as though he's actually THERE. And that is a huge testament to acting. Some might find his "NOOO!" scream in "The Empire Strikes Back" a little over-the-top, but otherwise these three films show that he is underrated as a screen actor.

I admittingly have never watched much of the "Batman" animated series, but I did admit to seeing the forgotten feature "Mask of the Phantasm", in which Mark voiced the Joker. It's been a while since I've seen that film, but I remember being surprised at how different it was from Luke.

Where Hamill really earned my respect was through his voice acting in two movies from Hayao Miyazaki, "Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind," and "Castle in the Sky." The latter film features Mark in what may arguably be one of his finest performances since "Star Wars." He plays the main antagonist, Colonel Muska. It was through this role that Hamill surprised me. His vocalization of Muska is alternatingly seductive and maliciously insane--and strangely, the character bears a resemblance to the actor himself. From the moment I found out Hamill was cast as Muska, I figured it would be a cool choice, but he went way beyond my expectations. He also has quite a frightening, chilly laugh. (Some people have pointed out that toward the end, Hamill's Muska occasionally shows flashes of his "Joker" voice; considering that Muska goes crazy at the finale, it's strangely fitting.) Although derided by a vocal minority of naysayers or fans of the original Japanese, Disney's dub of "Castle in the Sky" has still managed to carve a following; Hamill's Muska contributed greatly to the success of the dub. (Not to mention Cloris Leachman as the pirate captain Dola, her boys, the military, and the miners. The leads are only OK, but that's another issue.)

Love or hate the dub, Hamill's performance as Muska drew raves; so much so, in fact, that he was chosen to voice another role in Miyazaki's "Nausicaa". Here he plays the Mayor of Pejite, which is a smaller role, and, incidentally, not so villainous. But this is how it should be; the Mayor is not an evil man, he is simply misguided. So Hamill doesn't give the Mayor the villainous edginess he supplied Muska. Regrettably, since his role in the dub is smaller, Hamill's work here is less remarkable than in "Laputa", but who wouldn't want to hear this talented man in another Miyazaki dub?

And now? Hamill has done other Anime--"Robotech". I have yet to hear this role, but I do hope that he continues to get more voicing in Anime dubs. Considering how talented he is as a voice actor and the amazing vocal range he displays, it's not hard to see why Hamill is highly regarded as one of the best in Hollywood's voice artists. His live-action work probably isn't as remarkable (unless you count "Star Wars"), but the man is a genius.

Use the force, Mark.
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WE HAVE A WINNER! Simply Mark's 2nd Annual Mark Hamill Contest! [10 Oct 2006|09:47pm]

[ mood | excited ]



You won the



So who was Mark Hamill's First Girlfriend?

Her name was 

Trudy Stavanski

{Preview Magazine, 1983}

The answer can be found on Sienn's

 Mark Hamill site: Just The Best 

Click on the link above to read the entire Interview.



Sienn and Celosia would like to thank the Simply Mark Members who participated in the contest. 

The contest was a success!

  A special thank you, goes out to our newest members who joined Simply Mark during the contest.  

Be sure to look for more Mark Hamill Contests in the Future!



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[08 Oct 2006|04:06pm]

[ mood | excited ]

Welcome to Simply Mark's

2nd Annual 

Mark Hamill 


(Hosted by Sienn and Celosia)

The Contest is Very Simple!

It is just One Question! 

The First Person to answer 

correctly will win the

So, What is the Question? 

What is the Full Name of Mark Hamill's

 First Girlfriend?

What's the Prize?

It's a DVD!!!! 

Remember this scene from Saturday Night Live? 

If you are the first to answer correctly 

you will win your very own copy of this skit!

Saturday Night Live's The Best of Chris Kittan DVD
The dvd is brand new and factory sealed.

Please send your Answers to Sienn at 


Contest Rules

              Contest is open to Everyone        
(That is of course if you are living here on planet Earth. Sorry Tatooine!)

You must be registered at Sienn's Simply Mark site, a member of Yahoo Groups.          
(There is an age restriction, you must be at least 17 yrs.old to access this site.)

Prize can be shipped worldwide.

Only one person can win.

Contest will play until the question has been answered correctly

(Please do not send your answers to Celosia or to her Live Journal site, Thank You!)

If you have QUESTIONS? Please send you questions to

Answers must be sent directly to Sienn. You can find her email at
Simply Mark



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Old Mark Hamill interview [05 Oct 2006|08:17pm]

I was browsing a website and I found this interview with Mark Hamill that was featured in the free Metro newspaper that is found across the UK on public transport such as buses and trams:


Have fun reading!

Blessed Be!

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A New Mark Hamill Contest! [04 Oct 2006|12:04am]

[ mood | giggly ]

Coming Soon............. A New Mark Hamill Contest!
Sienn and I will be hosting 
Mark Hamill
at Sienn's website, 
Simply Mark
The contest is going to be super fun! 
You will LOVE the PRIZE!!! 

Yes, the prize will be related to Mark Hamill! 
Everyone is welcome to participate

(*Sienn's site does require registering. This is very easy and quick. Everyone is Welcome!)
I will post more information about 
the Mark Hamill contest this coming weekend. 

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The Top Ten Sexually Suggestive Lines in the Star Wars Trilogy [16 Dec 2005|12:43pm]

[ mood | mischievous ]

I found this on a website and just had to share. Its so naughty and yet so funny!!!!

The Top Ten Sexually Suggestive Lines in the Star Wars Trilogy WARNING Although there is no rude words under this lj-cut, there are phrases which suggest errrrr naughty things YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!! NOT FOR THE PURE AND INNOCENTCollapse )

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Vector Art [20 Nov 2005|11:54am]

[ mood | awake ]

I have 2 vectors to share. They are both in black-white and for Luke Skywalker. ;-)
Clickey here to have a look.

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Happy Halloween! A Question for Anyone Who Views This Message. [31 Oct 2005|08:54pm]

[ mood | grateful ]

Today I finally finished the rest of the screen caps for The Big Red One and The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia I now have a huge zip file of all the pictures.
I only have one problem, I cannot figure out how to make a LJcut for a zip file. I know that I have had a lot of requests for the rest of these pictures but the file is so large that I don't want to post them all individually on one page. This would take too much time. I figure if I posted the zip file then anyone who wants them can download the file.
Maybe someone who is reading this message could help me. Does anyone know how I could do this? I'll take any help I can get.

Thank You!

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[30 Oct 2005|12:10pm]

[ mood | curious ]

Hi everyone,

I received this google alert in my email about a SW film that George Lucas created where he digitally remade the images of Mark, Carrie and Harrison?
The article claims that the actors sued George for not receiving actor fees since it was their images he was using? Is this old news ? I have never heard anything about Mark or the others suing George. I am curious, does anyone have any other information on this?

Here is a link to the entire article
Empire Strikes Out

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Luke Skywalker Icons [23 Oct 2005|01:23pm]

[ mood | artistic ]

He's so adorable...
title or descriptiontitle or description
title or descriptiontitle or description
title or descriptiontitle or description
title or descriptiontitle or description
title or descriptiontitle or description

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Laserhawk DVD [16 Oct 2005|05:16pm]

[ mood | determined ]

Hello Everyone!

I was scanning through my DVD collection and I realized that I have two copies of Laserhawk. If anyone is interested in having one of the copies. I am giving this away for free! I will mail it out to the first person who has an interest in the movie. All personal information you send me will be taken care of on my private email account. The dvd was played at least once, it is in excellent condition. The movie is a Sci-fi thiller, Mark plays a prophetic mental patient. Honestly, Mark is the only good thing about this movie but, if your a dedicated fan any Mark Hamill movie is a good movie!
Laserhawk DVDCollapse )

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New Flash series on CBS with Mark as the Trickster [28 Sep 2005|10:06pm]

I just wanted everyone to know the great news. Mark is coming back
as the Trickster for CBS. I found this article (below) at
I am so excited.(For some weird reason my keyboard will not let me use the exclamation point,strange, but anyways, I really am very excited about this.)


According to Comics Continuum, "Mark Hamill, who played The
in CBS' live-action The Flash series, is revisiting the character
after 14 years. Hamill is the voice of The Trickster in the
upcoming 'Flash and Substance' episode ... Hamill played The
in two episodes of the short-lived 'The Flash:' 'The Trickster,'
premiered on Feb. 7, 1991; and 'The Trial of The Trickster,' the
series finale which aired on May 18, 1991. Both episodes were
by John Francis Moore and Howard Chaykin."
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