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Laserhawk DVD

Hello Everyone!

I was scanning through my DVD collection and I realized that I have two copies of Laserhawk. If anyone is interested in having one of the copies. I am giving this away for free! I will mail it out to the first person who has an interest in the movie. All personal information you send me will be taken care of on my private email account. The dvd was played at least once, it is in excellent condition. The movie is a Sci-fi thiller, Mark plays a prophetic mental patient. Honestly, Mark is the only good thing about this movie but, if your a dedicated fan any Mark Hamill movie is a good movie!

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*waves hand* Ooo! Me! Me! Pick me! :)

I'm interested.
Sue the dvd is yours!!!!
damn I missed out :-)

Oh well
I was in such a hurry to score this disk that I didn't even look at your "come to the dark side this minute" icon until now - that is GREAT! As a mom to three small kids, I found it really hit the funny bone!
If you let the Laserhawk circulate Celosia2, when I come upon it, will I already have received the CLE version. Which way does the crow fly on this one.